About Us

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Our Vision

To be the best and preferred global software development partner for businesses that solves today’s challenges.

Our Mission

Create WOW moments for our partners by designing, developing, and deploying custom software applications that exceeds expectations and turns visions into success stories.

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Our Values

  • Integrity: Operating from a place of courage not fear so we can do the right thing
  • Transparency: We want our light to shine brightest so that others can see and appreciate our work
  • Commitment: We start with the end in mind as the vision, but we are committed with the process of turning it into a reality

Our Culture

Our culture is all about striving and thriving together. We are a team committed to each other's success so we can thrive together and create success stories for our clients. We love giving back as well, partnering with local schools and universities for speaking and volunteering opportunities as well participating in mastermind groups.

Canopus - Join Us

What We Believe In

  • Customer service is not a department within Canopus, it's the entire company
  • Clients are a blessing, so we practice gratitude
  • Clients' critical need first, deliver fast results, create a WOW moment
  • Striving and winning together
  • We are a team of geniuses not because we know it all but because we're humble and work towards excellence
  • We encourage and support new ideas for tomorrow's challenges. If it doesn't work today, strategize and try again - you can do it!
  • You don't have to wear a suit to code or be in the office to serve people