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Our team is dedicated to releasing a product that not only is functional but also of quality. Each project is unique thus requiring unique testing procedures prior release. By testing each software application, we want to make sure we catch the failures before your customers do.

Our Expert Engineers Follow These Principles For A Successful Delivery

The goal of software testing is to make the software fail. Software testing can ensure that defects are present but it can not prove that software is defects free. Even multiple testing can never ensure that software is 100% bug-free. Testing can reduce the number of defects but not removes all defects.

Exhaustive testing is impossible means the software can never test at every test cases. It can test only some test cases and assume that software is correct and it will produce the correct output in every test cases. If the software will test every test cases then it will take more cost, effort, etc.

To find the defect in the software, early test activity shall be started.For better performance of software, software testing will start at initial phase i.e. testing will perform at the requirement analysis phase.

In a project, a small number of the module can contain most of the defects. Pareto Principle to software testing state that 80% of software defect comes from 20% of modules.

Repeating the same test cases again and again will not find new bugs. So it is necessary to review the test cases and add or update test cases to find new bugs.

Testing approach depends on context of software developed. Different types of software need to perform different types of testing.

If a built software is 99% bug-free but it does not follow the user requirement then it is unusable. It is not only necessary that software is 99% bug-free but it also mandatory to fulfill all the customer requirements.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

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