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As a Microsoft Partner, our team of expert and certified engineers will strategically work with you and your team so you can take full advantage of the cloud. Think of PaaS as taking your next Uber - with Uber you're not the driver, but you tell the driver your destination and you sit and relax until you have reached your destination. PaaS allows your business to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing expensive software licenses. Here are some of the reasons we love PaaS and how we can help you start enjoying these benefits:

  • Have the peace of mind that your infrastructure is in good hands on the cloud with Microsoft. You just focus on building and running your application
  • Develop for multiple platforms including web and mobile
  • Automate the important scheduled (ex every 15 minutes) background tasks with Azure Functions and Azure WebJobs
  • Use awesome tools such as Logic Apps to manage your business logic. Logic Apps allows your business to scale automatically and only pay for the services you are using
  • Utilize Azure Cognitive Servicesby using seamless and fast APIs such as Emotion API, Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), Speaker Recognition API, and Computer Vision API

Cloud computing is empowering; companies leveraging cloud will be able to innovate cheaper and faster.

Jamal Mazhar, Founder and CEO, Kaavo

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