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As a Microsoft Partner, our team of expert and certified engineers will strategically work with you and your team to build and support your mobile applications that improves customer relationships and sales. One of the reasons we love the cloud and Azure, is that Azure Mobile APPs SDK natively supports offline data sync, which allows your mobile applications to work as normal without a network connection. Here are some of the reasons we love developing secure cross-platform applications and how we can help you start enjoying these benefits:

  • Azure Mobile Apps provides a built SQLite based backing store for data persistence on the mobile client
  • Improved app responsiveness by caching server data locally on the device when your app is in offline mode
  • Synchronize local cached data back with your Azure Mobile App backend when your app comes back online

The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.

David Murphy, Founder and Editor of Mobile Marketing Daily

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